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     Nancy Abraham is a professional Mexican tattoo artist, considered one of the best contemporary tattoo artists now days, with a background in Art, her initial idea was not to be a tattoo artist but a painter, and that is reflected in her work. ​


     Her freestyle tattoos where defined around 2012 when she lived in Thailand for a year, spending many hours a day drawing and painting. Upon returning to Mexico, her work began to be recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in her country. Her work has been published on platforms such as Tattrx, Inkedmag, Tattoodo, Inkspirationworld, Cultura Colectiva, El País, Tatuarte, Total Tattoo Magazine among others... being internationally recognized.


    She has tattooed in exhibitions and studios in Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Holland, France, Germany, Colombia, among others. ​ Her style is closer to art than to traditional tattooing, it is unique, since it does not fit into any definition per se, as she experiments and creates esthetic compositions with the body, collage type, constantly innovating and reinventing herself with styles, elements, colors and textures; using brushes and/or markers in a more spontaneous way during the session, since for her it is not just a tattoo, but a total experience of the moment in which each piece is created. ​


     Nancy is currently based in Mexico City and traveling constantly, nationally and internationally doing conventions and other art-related events. ​





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